When Kelsey told me that she wanted to do her maternity session at Lake Cuyamaca at the end of January, I warned her that it may be a bit chilly at golden hour, but didn’t think much of it. As I drove through the twisty windy roads on my way up the mountain, I began to notice small patches of snow along the side of the road! Never did we imagine that we would happen upon this winter wonderland in SAN DIEGO!!!!

Kelsey’s dress  was the perfect shade of olive green, and we had so much fun frolicking around in the snow with her adorable little family. Kevin, Kelsey’s hubby was just the sweetest, and big brother Wyatt was just a ball of love and smiles. Watching little families like this just bring me to much joy, and really helps put into perspective what matters. At the end of the day, surrounding yourself with people who you love, and who love you in return is just the best.



I absolutely loved watching Mommy and brother interact together. Wyatt had so much love for his little sister in mommy’s tummy, all he wanted to do was love on momma.


I always make sure to get some shots of just mom and dad alone whenever I do any kind of family photo. It is so important to take them back to their roots, and focus on their love, and what makes the two of them tick, even if only for a few quick clicks of my shutter. Seeing Kelsey and Kevin light up when they looked at each other, and seeing the love Kevin had for his unborn daughter was enough to make my heart just melt.












Congratulations to the Smith family on your new bundle of joy!!