Jordan and I met way back in High School, and so when I received an email stating that she wanted me to be her wedding photographer, I was over the moon! Jordan is a fierce, sassy, beautiful woman who makes everyone around her a happier person. She works for the Cancer Centers of America, and her passion behind her work is so evident to anyone that meets her. Jordan and Andrew met when she moved from San Diego to LA for her job, through mutual friends. Andrew knew immediately that she was not only quite the catch, but someone who was down to earth, and worth snagging up quickly! They started dating almost immediately, and well… the rest is history!

Andrew proposed using a selfie stick in Joshua Tree CA while they were on a camping trip, and needless to say Jordan was completely surprised!

The Adventure

Part 1: The Trains

Upon meeting Andrew it was abundantly clear just how much he cherishes Jordan. The two of them are so sweet with each other, and they most definitely know how to have a good time! Our shoot was filled with laughter from beginning to end, with both of them completely ready and willing to do just about anything I came up with!

Jordan really wanted something different for her engagement photos, so she decided to take us on a crazy LA adventure, all within a small 3 mile radius. We started at the Train Museum, Andrew loves trains, and this was something fun that Jordan thought would add a personal touch to their photos. When she told me train museum, I was envisioning yellow fluorescent lighting, and clear plastic shadow boxes hung on the walls with dusty old train artifacts. To say I was a bit nervous for part one was an understatement, but BOY did they prove me wrong! When we pulled up I instantly knew that we had hit photo gold. Nestled amongst Griffith park was this beautiful green grass FILLED with real trains! BIG HUGE GIGANTIC vintage trains. It was a bit of a dream come true, and we had so much fun climbing all over the place, and capturing awesome shots along the way.











Part 2: The abandoned zoo

As if it could get any better, Jordan informed me that next up on the ticket was the old LA zoo! The original zoo from the 20s that has since been abandoned, is still left in tact with its steel cages over run with ivy and fake cave dwellings. I loved this spot because it was so unique!  Climbing around the enclosures, imagining what it was like way back when… all the while letting Andrew and Jordan just be adorable and in love; it was magic!






Part 3: Griffith Park

To end off our magical shoot, Jordan planned a champagne picnic in the park. The sun was filtering through the trees just perfectly, and I got to sit back, and just let them be them. I love photographing couples in a way that is relaxed and authentic. Capturing real emotion, true love, and honest kisses is better than any pose I could ever come up with! Something about being a fly on the wall, and having a couple be completely vulnerable around me is so special. Its like for a brief moment in time, I get to experience what their love it all about, and why they have chosen to spend their lives together. In the case of Andrew and Jordan, their love is so evident and pure, I just know they are headed for a lifetime of happiness.