A global pandemic is something I never saw coming. Being stuck indoors all day aside from a short garage workout, and a post apocalyptic trip to Vons every few weeks has me really looking at life a little bit differently these days.

We are living history right now; in real time. Generations after us will read about this in their history books, and by then it will seem so far away…so unrealistic. Growing up we read about the plague and the Spanish Flu and likely thought that sickness that wipes out entire nations was something of the past. We are too smart fort that now, too advanced. 

Covid-19 came like a storm in the night, and took us all by surprise. My thriving wedding business came to a screeching halt as gatherings over 10 people became outlawed, and suddenly the security of my home, my business, and my future became a little shaky.

Pivoting is something that is absolutely crucial as a small business owner. I watched my parents do it over and over again throughout my childhood, never letting a failing economy break them. When this all hit, part of me wanted to go hide and wait for it all to be over, but then I realized that what I had been given was a gift. 

I never had enough time. Time to grow, stretch, and morph my business in the ways that I dreamt. Time to learn new skills, to build online education, to try and fail until I tried and succeeded. So I vowed to myself that while I would take full advantage of not having to set an alarm, and cherish every slow morning with my man and our two pups, I would also push.

I would pivot.

I took it one step at a time, and began building my first course, my first preset pack, and the funnels and pretty front end stuff that make it all work.

I also found the #frontporchproject compliments of a few friends, and decided to try my hand at that as well. In order to capture life as it is happening right now, history from the safety of our own homes, I have been traveling to peoples homes all over San Diego, and have been capturing them from 10 ft. away.

I have a large “paparazzi lens” (Canon 70-200mm L series lens) that allows me to stay on the sidewalk or the street, and capture sweet moments on your front lawn.

front porch project

I quickly realized that these are not like any regular family session. There is something magic about them. When you are stripped of your fancy Pinterest born outfits and epic location, you are left with only authenticity and love. The stress of getting “the perfect shot” are gone, and I get to watch families just LOVE on each other. PLAY with each other. Just BE. Right here, in this moment, as history happens right outside our doors.

These sessions have changed me. I am getting a glimpse into these families real lives, and capturing moments they will look back on forever; not because mom had the perfect dress, or baby smiled in every photo. But because this was the time in our lives that everything changed.

That our priorities shifted.

And love prevailed.

Our days are now measured in quality time and cups of coffee, and not alarm clocks and 500 errands before noon.

They are significant not because of the workout you completed at the gym, but because you spent the last moments of daylight watching the sun disappear in the arms of a loved one.

I pray that when this is all over, and the reality of quarantine starts to fade, that we don’t forget these moments, and the importance of slowing down. Of quality time. Of just being. 

I am going to continue these as the world opens back up. A session that isn’t really a session, but a quick moment in time.

The days are long, but the years are quick. Hold on tight, and enjoy every moment.

front porch project

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