The minute I met Aubri and Stephen, I was SO excited to capture them on their wedding day. The two of them are just such a clear fit for each other, and they are both SO much fun! It also helped that they got married at one of my FAVORITE wedding venues in San Diego, Green Gables Wedding Estate. Aubri, with her long flowing red hair looked quite literally like a Disney Princess, topped off with mermaid inspired bride and bridesmaid attire.

Something that struck me throughout the day was just how calm both Aubri Stephen were. There was never a stressful moment, and even when they realized that they didn’t have the rings at the altar! They both just went with the flow, and everything went off without a hitch!

One thing that was so fun and unique about their big day was the food. Instead of the traditional meat, veggies, and potatoes, Aubri and Stephen chose to go a little more casual, and served up gourmet pizza and hot dogs! For dessert they had fresh churros being made at a cute little cart right outside the reception tent, and the ability to make custom churro ice cream sundaes! It was all so fun, different, and DELICIOUS. The cake they cut was even unique, in that it was funfetti!

Start to finish, Aubri and Stephen’s wedding day was full of unique details that really spoke to their personalities, and all of the love surrounding them from family and friends was so evident. I am so lucky that the most awesome people find me, and trust me to capture one of the most important days in their lives so far. I feel like each and every one of my wedding clients are just THE BEST. Thank you Aubri and Stephen for trusting me to capture your amazing wedding day.