Every once in a while I come across a couple who just…. radiates true love. Its something that everyone around them can physically feel. It sort of bubbles up from deep inside your chest, and makes you feel warm all over. It makes you believe in soulmates. And true love. And honest, authentic connection.

Giselle and Jesse couldn’t be a more prime example of this type of love. Its so pure, you can’t help but smile right alongside them. From the moment Giselle opened the door to her hotel room in the morning, to dancing the Hora that night, I don’t think she ever once stopped smiling. Her joy was just so tangible, so real.

The cool thing about this couple, is that they have been together for YEARS; the “honeymoon phase” is long over, and yet they act like they are two teenagers in love for the first time.

I admittedly was having a really rough day on the day of their wedding. I say this, only to be candid with you on the reality of being a wedding photographer. In this day in age, we all like to pretend like we are perfect all the time, but the truth is, we aren’t. We all have hard days. We all struggle. And on this day, let me tell you I was on the STRUGGLE BUS. I was sad. Really really sad. And you know what I did when Giselle opened the door to her hotel room that morning with that big old smile on her face? I cried. She filled me with so much joy, and hope that it all just ran over and I cried. I continued crying right alongside her all day long, no longer because of my sadness, but because of the hope that their love gave me. I cried because I was exactly where I needed to be that day. I cried because I am SO lucky to get to call this my job. When times get tough, lean into your passion, don’t shy away from it. I put all of my heart, soul and focus on those two, and I left that night feeling so rejuvenated, artistically and emotionally fulfilled, and SO STOKED to go home and edit their photos.

You see, part of why I do this is the connection to people; it’s all about capturing the small intimate moments, and a couple’s true personality. I make it my mission to capture the essence of who they are, and the love that they share in an honest and artistic way. One huge added bonus, is I almost ALWAYS leave my shoots having learned something from my clients. If you let them, people you encounter can teach you a lot about life. Lessons are all around us.

Anyway, back to the wedding; It was perfect. After they got ready, we arrived at the San Diego Botanic Gardens in Encinitas, and I was instantly in photographer heaven. If you are a bride who hasn’t yet found a venue for your wedding, you MUST check out the gardens. EVERYWHERE I turned I found magic. The light, the trees, the flowers, everything is just gorgeous.

The entire afternoon went off without a hitch, and it was so clear that every guest could feel the love just as strongly as I could. Some couples make you believe in soulmates. They make you believe in love that lasts a lifetime… and these two? They made me think that a forever kind of love isn’t only possible, but maybe… just maybe I need to shoot even a little bit higher.


Wedding Coordination: Serendipity Events

Venue: San Diego Botanic Garden

Florals: TBD San Diego