Alexis and Zack’s elopement was the perfect example of fate and incredible timing. Alexis was in my new shared office space (The Top Floor) meeting with Savanna who owns A Toast to Beauty, when I overheard her talking about eloping that next Monday. I asked her out of pure curiosity if anyone was going to be capturing it for her, and she said NO!! I quickly told her all of the reasons why having someone there to capture her real wedding day was so important (even though she had an epic photoshoot planned with a gorgeous dress in Utah), and how those memories were something she would want to always look back on.

I was so thrilled when she called me a few hours later, and asked if I could finagle my schedule to shoot their courthouse wedding in just a few days!

Of course it just so happened that they got married on one of San Diego’s WORST storm days of the year. Freeways were literally shutting down because of flooding, so immediately we knew that our original sunset beach photoshoot plan was NOT going to work.

As soon as they were done at the courthouse, (which can we take a moment to gush over her ADORABLE outfit?!) we ventured out into the storm, and figured if we couldn’t beat it… we should join it! Off to the San Diego Public Library we went, and MAN OH MAN was it incredible. Alexis and Zack were more than willing to get soaking wet in order to get some epic shots in the rain, and we took advantage of the cool stormy lighting and went to town.

These two are so clearly in love, and spending the afternoon with them was so much fun. Alexis and Zack had full confidence in me, and really let me do whatever it took to get “the shot”, which is always SO much fun from an artistic standpoint. Thank you both for trusting me to stick you out in the pouring rain and being willing to do anything!



This last shot is just swoon worthy to me. It’s what fairytales are made of. who cares if you get a little wet, if the result is magic like this?!!?