Many of you may recognize Nicole from her wedding pictures! I shot her wedding in March, and then her Maternity shoot a few month later. When looking at Nicole, and seeing how adorable she was at 8 month pregnant, I knew we had only one choice… a forest fairy themed shoot. I mean come on people, doesn’t this girl look like she is going to sprout wings and fly away?! Upon telling Nicole that I thought she needed a flower crown for this shoot, she simply smiled, and said “whatever you think will look cute, I will do!” How cool is that?!

We successfully found a flower crown, and Nicole and her best friend, who also happens to be my sister, found just the perfect attire! I wanted the photos to feel like they were taken deep in a magical forest somewhere, and thanks to trusty Balboa Park, we found Just the right location! Nicole just rocked this shoot, with her pregnant glow, and very gentle nature. I had SO much fun with her, and I cant wait to take pictures of her sweet baby girl!!!