This wedding is one that I had been waiting to photograph for well over a year, and after getting my hopes up over the gorgeous venue and thinking about it over and over again, I can honestly stay that it STILL absolutely blew me away. David and Lauren live in Hawaii full time, and so they both thought that a romantic mountain top wedding in the forest would be a nice change from their everyday routine. They got married at The Hideout in Kirkwood California, a hidden gem that still works on a basis of word of mouth and personal referrals for each and every wedding.

I have known David since high school, and so when David and Lauren told me that they were trusting me to capture their special day, I was not only flattered, but SO excited. There is something so special about photographing the wedding of someone you know or care about. It is literally like receiving a backstage all access pass to the most important day of their lives.

From beginning until end, this wedding was SO. MUCH. FUN. The Groom and his Groomsmen turned the saloon into their own personal all day party, and were rockin the tunes, smoking cigars, and genuinely having a blast. The girls all got ready on the top floor of the main cabin, which is a very modest word for such beautiful home.  All of the immediate family, and wedding party got to stay at the Hideout for the days leading up to the wedding, and so instead of feeling like a venue that everyone was visiting, it felt a whole lot more like home. It felt like we were all at summer camp, making new friends, and having adventures out on the lake!

David and Lauren’s pure love for each other was so refreshing to witness. They really just Love the crap out of each other, and it shows. The way they talk about each other, look at each other, laugh with each other; its just effortless and real. Being able to capture the brand of love with each of my couples may be my favorite thing. Love never looks exactly the same, and it comes out in completely different ways with each and every one of my couples. Maybe THAT is the reason I get equally excited about each couple that I photograph; because their love really is so unique. Everyone’s is.

Congratulation David and Lauren! Thank you for letting me be such a huge part of the most important day of your lives… so far 😉


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