Something has been happening lately. Something that is SO close to my heart. I keep getting the opportunity to photograph gorgeous women, who may not necessarily realize the depth of their beauty. It is something that I feel down to my core; the need to show these women just how beautiful they are. I can’t really explain it, but its something that ties my stomach up in knots, something that wakes me up at night, something that I know I need to do. I feel like now, more than ever, women  (myself included) hold themselves to such an unrealistic standard of beauty, and one that no one  can ever hope to attain. I have started looking at the world through a different lens if you will, and it is slowly becoming my mission to show all women their unique beauty.

Every time a different women steps in front of my camera, I am overwhelmed with the uniqueness of that person. The things that make them beautiful. The things that no one else in this world has. You see folks, its not about bra size, abs, or being “skinny”, it is about what shines from your soul through you. When you light up, and be yourself, there is no thing more beautiful.

Meeting up with Feenyx came at such a pivotal time for her. She was recently separated from her husband of 5 years, and was longing to feel like “herself” again. I told her to bring anything that made her feel most like her, and pretty to our shoot, and that I would take it from there. Upon starting, Feenyx almost instantly told me that she was “not a model” and that I would have to direct her every move. She could not have been more wrong. This girl needed absolutely NO direction whatsoever! As she became more and more comfortable in her own skin, you saw her shine through. Looking through the pictures now, I almost get a little leaky because of their immense power.

You see… some people see boudoir pictures as just the thing you do for a loved one. And while I think that is a beautiful gift, I think more women need to start doing this for themselves. Look at how BEAUTIFUL she is. And better yet, look at that confidence. 

Embrace your unique beauty ladies! There isn’t another person out there that has what you’ve got… so be proud. Stand tall. And know just how beautiful you are. _U7A9173