Just last week, I was given the great privilege of having an afternoon with baby Aubrey, and was able to capture some amazing shots! One of my favorite things to do with any photoshoot, is to bring in a little bit of personality. I don’t want my pictures to ever look like generic cookie cutter shots, I want them to feel like people Im photographing. I want to pull whats on the inside, out, and reveal something that feels real.

Aubrey’s mommy Pam has been in my life since I was born. Her Dad is my dads best friends, and who I call “Uncle Richard”. We grew up together, and now I get to watch her beautiful baby girl grow up through my lens! Pam and her husband Steve have grown up around cars, horsepower, and all things adventure and dirt. I thought it only fitting to add in a little of that flavor in to our shoot.

I can’t wait to do a full family shoot at her 6 month mark!


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