Being that this session was planned months in advance, it never occurred to me that the Sunday we planned to do Kat’s senior session, also fell over Memorial day weekend. EVERYWHERE WAS A MAD HOUSE. Although we couldn’t get in to balboa park, we ultimately ended up at Seaport Village, and we got some GREAT stuff! It is always fun for me to walk in to a location, and try to find little gems that may not otherwise be looked at like an “ideal” photo op location, and we succeeded over and over again! With rich wood backgrounds, magically lit up trees, and of course, the carousel! Even in the middle of a busy holiday weekend, with people crawling around everywhere, we had a blast!

Now lets take a moment to talk a little bit about Kat. SHE IS GORGEOUS. High School isn’t what it used to be people, this girl was so effortless in front of the camera, and really  knew how to turn those eyes on. She is so confident, and an absolute pleasure to be around. I not only got to take pictures of her, but her mom and sister came for a bit to do some family pictures, and her best friend and boyfriend were there also, to join in on the fun! It was a full house, and we had an absolute blast making the most of every shot.

I find that no matter how often I shoot, I always learn something. There is always an unforeseen circumstance that I had not prepared for, and I have been lucky thus far in being able to turn those strange circumstances into really creative shots. Instead of shooting in Balboa park, where I had a set idea of what shots we would get, we got to venture into uncharted territory, and discover things that I would have never planned otherwise.